Los Dinosaurios

Charly Garcia’s song is a classic of resistance and defiance, not just in his home country of Argentina but across all of Latin America. Here’s a 2018 cut.
In 2021 Garcia turned 70, and the Argentinian government organized an event to celebrate. The Kirchner Cultural Centre, part of the Ministry of Culture), hosted live music, a series of talks/lectures and performances. A series of live concerts were held, where several of Argentina’s storied musicians covered García’s repertoire. Garcia made a surprise appearance and performed for the crowd.

Here’s an English translation of the original lyrics:

The Dinosaurs
The friends from the neighborhood could disappear,
The singers on the radio could disappear,
The ones who are in the diaries could disappear.
The person who you love could disappear.
The ones who are in the air can disappear in the air.
The ones who are in the street can disappear in the street.
The friends from the neighborhood could disappear,
But the dinosaurs are going to disappear.
I’m not calm, my love,
Today is Saturday at night, a friend is in jail
Oh, my love, the world disappears.
If the heavy things, my love,
Take all that mountain
Of baggage in the hand,
Oh, my love, I want to be light.
When the world heads downward
It’s better not to be tied to anything,
Imagine the dinosaurs in bed.


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