Dead Boys

Sam Fender’s sound is a mix of Springsteen, Elvis and U2 but his lyrics are not derivative. Suicide is a very real issue.

“We all tussle with the black dog
Some out loud and some in silence
Everybody ’round here just drinks
‘Cause that’s our culture.”

Get on the Boat

Prince channeled James Brown in this number.

“Everything in darkness must come out into the light
When we love each other that’s the only way that’s gonna be right”


I also recommend watching a full performance such as this one on YouTube. Prince and company put on a real show.


As is usually the case with me, I’m late for this particular party (in this instance, the memorial, the wake, if you please). Stumbled on this powerful story of June 4, 1989 in the country of China.

Interestingly, “something went wrong” when I tried posting it on Facebook. Probably nothing, right (while visions of conspiracy dance through my wee little head)?