Responsible research

I follow the blog of a rural doctor and find myself especially interested when she addresses the particular health issues she faces. She recently addressed opioid abuse, a timely subject. Most recently, though, I found myself interested in her take on guns as a public health issue. Her analysis is insightful.

She also later shared a web site that does a nice job of putting the issues of public health forward, specifically listing causes of death in the U.S., from a single web page. And, yes, gun issues are included.

Anniversary trip

Janine and I are headed to Ireland and Engels from July 1 through 18. We’ve a hike along the coast of Ireland planned, six days in London, and two concert dates with Angel City Chorale, one in York, the other in Harrogate. Looking forward to the trip. Anyone who reads this with knowledge of the areas, feel free to offer advice!