I Ain’t Gone Under Yet

1992 hip hop from Home Brew by Nenah Cherry, a quiet, defiant rap.

I don’t steal, I don’t run tricks or scams,
‘Cause I’m a strong young woman; yes I know who I am.
But sometimes it’s so hard to get by,
Tough circumstances make me want to get high.
But I don’t go too far ’cause that ain’t my style,
So why don’t you come live next to me for a while?

Easter snow

White flakes drift all morning,
Layer on new green and winter mud
A new covering.
A cardinal splashes red in a waiting garden.

Black, tan squirrels and spring rabbits
Frolicked just yesterday on lawns greening,
On a drive at dusk
Turkeys wild scrambled across gravel
Bison strong moved behind roadside fence,
Two finding new growth near our passing..
Deer stand clear
As we made our way home.

This Easter snow won’t last
As Earth shakes free of winter’s grip.

As promised, spring is coming.