Dare we hope?

The last couple of days, snow melt has been running in the city storm sewers. There are reports of robins in the neighborhood. (I have yet to spot one.)

But, this morning, on a pleasant ice-free walk to the newspaper office, a pair of geese flew low, calling. Boy, did that lift my spirits.

A friend reported seeing a string of returning geese overhead.

Spring is approaching.

Good time for a lull

I don’t know quite how it works, but I’ve caught a cold in an unlikely time.

There’s not much that requires news gathering this weekend.

That’s weird, to have the two circumstances coincide.

So, here I sit, occasionally hacking, drinking lots of water (as well as coffee), leisurely working on a feature about a home-town boy starting a moving company.

I can give some attention to our dog, wonder at the lack of tracks in our back yard after the recent snowfall, go barefoot, since we’ve burned through the last of the seasoned stove wood (I have yet to estimate that correctly each season), listen to public radio and work my way through the Martin Luther King, Jr., sermon, “The Drum Major Instinct,” apparently from which the Super Bowl Ram truck drew its inspiration.

It’s nice, having a breather.