Lie On Lie

Michael Duff, lead singer for Chalk Farm, belts a rocker bemoaning the state of affairs in 1996, the racial and religious separations. Could be singing the same song this year.

And I think it will take us more than legislation
I think it will take us more than filling graves
And I say that you can not force appreciation
Lie on lie

March 20, 2021

A sparrow bellies briefly
in a snow drift still in shade,
Scoots into soggy fall leaf litter.
Scavenges on the first day of spring.

The breeze, the air, the sun,
Transform the calendar note,
Convince me to lift my face
Into the hope of a new season.

Hurricane song

The federal government was much too slwo responding to Hurricane Katrina. Point of view for this song by Allen Watty? A rooftop survivor trying to stay alive. In August of 2005 Hurricane Katrina clobbered the New Orleans area, and the death toll was estimated at 1,800. The black community was hit hard. Watty tune mourns and protests.

Then it hit me.
Ain’t nobody coming to get me.
Nobody feels my pain.
Once again the clor of my skin
Reminds me ain’t nothing changed.

The Most Vicious Cycle

Sage, Kesha and Chika sing for the video “The Most Vicious Cycle,” a disturbing look at the cyclical way tragedies happen, we respond with sorrow and resolve, the world keeps turning and the same thing happens again and again. It’s a sobering look at a reality in our lives.

In a mad man’s world, happens every day
I don’t understand why the rules can’t change
I don’t wanna be a moment of silence
I don’t wanna be an early grave
When I’m walking through the halls
I don’t wanna be brave, I just wanna be safe