Pigs (Three Different Ones)

Who can ever forget the floating pig that has graced the venues of Pink Floyd, that symbol that has become a sign of resistance to the rock-and-roll generation?

Here’s the tune that bespeaks that beast, from the 1977 Animals album.

Roger Waters in his 2016 tour, though, really stirred the pot, upped the ante with an incendiary update in in Mexico City on October 1, 2016. Be prepared. He pulls no punches.

Big man, pig man
Ha, ha, charade you are
You well heeled big wheel
Ha, ha, charade you are
And when your hand is on your heart
You’re nearly a good laugh
Almost a joker
With your head down in the pig bin
Saying ‘Keep on digging’

A Sunday pause

It’s been a rare pause here on this Sunday, enough of a break to discover media to spur meditation.

Here’s a remarkable short, animated film, perfect for a Sunday meditation on the march of modernity against the backdrop of a previous civilization. It’s clever and engaging.

Phoebe Bridgers and Conor Oberst got together as Better Oblivion Community Center, and this tune and video, reminiscent of “Hotel California,” carries the same absurdity and dread.

” ‘Relax,’ said the night man
We are programmed to receive
You can check out any time you like
But you can never leave!” [Eagles[

“I’m getting used to these dizzy spells
I’m taking a shower at the Bates Motel
I’m getting greedy with this private hell
I’ll go it alone, but that’s just as well” [Better Oblivion Community Center]