So, what did you do today?

The fall season is well under way here in my small town. Schools, both public and private are under way. Our legislators are getting ready to kvetch their way into the session. One of the Republicans, the one who won the primary for our state representative’s seat, suddenly has a fellow Republican on the general election ballot opposing him, this one nominated by petition. Sparks are flying.

Oh, and sports are under way. Our local public school team is getting injured by a far more physical team on the turf field in town. Our local Christian school team is taking part tomorrow in a game against a fellow Sioux County team, in Sioux City. Our college volleyball squad is hosting a classic and will play four games, losing the first in a narrow five-set contest, trying like heck not to get shut out in three sets right now, and playing two more tomorrow. Our college soccer squads are playing tomorrow, as well, as their seasons get under way.

I know this stuff since I’m editor of our local weekly. And, I know I’m missing still more.

I’m also working at repairing an aged bike that seems to want to thwart me at every turn. If I leave it alone for a bit, I’m sure it’ll turn around and cooperate.

Never a dull moment.