World Leader Pretend

This is my world and I am the World Leader Pretend

This is my life and this is my time

I have been given the freedom to do as I see fit

It’s high time I raised the walls that I’ve constructed


R.E.M released “Green” in 1988. The recording is in my library, and I was reminded of this song when casting about for protest music.

Chain of Fools

Symbols and words have impacts far beyond their original intent. Just look up a meme sometime. That says it a bunch about symbols.
Some folks argue that this song takes the word “chain” and puts it in the context of command in the Vietnam War. Hmmm. Listening in that context, it makes a kind of sense.
Couched in songs such as these and “Respect” is a quiet activism that could be considered protest.
And, while I’m swimming in Franklin’s sounds, I have to include a link to one of the most soulful presentations of all time, even though it’s not a protest song, I think.


A sharp reflection caught my eye.

Wheeling to a stop and

Looking close, a piece

Of a child’s motionless, glittery toy

Lured a look.

Nearby, a stinkbug crawled

And skittered from that bright spot

Near my planted foot

To anonymity again.