Stumbling upon poetry

I’ve undertaken Herman Melville’s “Moby Dick,” a massive read, and taken a different approach, working through it several minutes at a time via the “Big Read” web site.

It’s fascinating stuff, even though it’s taking a very long time. Melville’s art reaches out and grabs me, most recently Chapter 96: The Try-Works.

It’s dreamlike, almost nightmarish, but descriptive beyond belief, delving a bit, too, into Melville’s spiritual heritage. It’s definitely the stuff of poetry, even if it’s prose.

I can’t help but think back to my comic-book period of life (soon, I hope to resume, given the state of graphic novels) and how Classics Illustrated condensed this marvelous novel to a few pages of panels. The seed was planted for me to read and re-read this classic, and I’m discovering that having it read to me while following along (digital style) gives yet another dimension.

Melville is deep. It’s good stuff.