Arms Like Boulders

I love the imagery in these impertinent observations by The War Against Drugs, getting at things a little sideways.

Let me tell you, your arms are like boulders,
And your shoulders are cliffs.
But your head keeps rolling off,
And your spine, it is weak
From the weight on your shoulders
And from difference of opinion.

Couldn’t resist a little rhyming

Tossing rhyme

My neighbor shines like a light.
Gardening is a delight, and a landscape invites.
Snow flies white when flashing shovel bites
into drifts from a snowfall overnight.
My walk appears and my neighbor grins with delight
beaming as other tasks invite…

My neighbor tells me that all can be quite
that sight. The coal inside
yearns to be consumed brightly
without wasting heft, its might.

We can be knights, my neighbor tells me,
but might, fright and spite can
blight delight
and plunge into night
despite the call of that carbon mite
to set it alight.

Some, says my neighbor,
fear the soul’s hope in flame,
and toil to control, to dole out
here a bowl, there a poll
fearing the whole when we lose control

Of the soul, that yearns to burn,
learn and turn to

Demolition Man

A friend suggested this Police oldie as the Trump farewell song. Nailed it!… especially given the Capitol debacle. Apologies for yanking the tune out of its context. It’s based on British politics, but it’s apropos, regardless.

I’m a walking nightmare, an arsenal of doom.
I kill conversation as I walk into a room.
I’m a three-line whip.
I’m the sort of thing they ban.
I’m a walking disaster.
I’m a demolition man.

When You Gonna Learn

This 1992 single by Jamiroquai, is a fitting intro to the album Emergency on Planet Earth. This band was an early leader in environmental awareness. Jay Kay says the video was intended to shock. I wonder if we can be shocked any more.

The crack band Backstage Collective recently covered the tune as well.

Yeah, yeah
Have you heard the news today?
Money’s on the menu in my favourite restaurant
Now don’t talk about quantity
There’s no fish left in the sea.
Greedy men been killing all the life there ever was
And you’d better play it nature’s way
Or she will take it all away
Don’t try and tell me you know more than her about right from wrong
Now you’ve upset the balance, man
Done the only thing you can
Now my life is in your hands