Come to terms

I don’t know what human-induced climate change and the growth of understanding of the spectrum of gender (autism spectrum, too, but I’m not conflating) have to do with each other. But our civilization has got to prepare.

Ocean levels creep higher. Temperatures soar. Coral reefs die. Growing zones shift and wildlife move.

The pronouns “he” and “she” are no longer as valuable as they were. “They” groups too easily. “It” is dehumanizing. At least we have a new expletive: sheheit, which expresses my dissatisfaction.

Each one of us has some portion of our brains wired a little differently. Each of us has a “disability” of some kind.

The deeper we dig, the more we find our species is wonderfully dangerous, toxic, even, if we don’t pay attention and adjust.

It doesn’t appear there’s another civilization outside of our earth that’s going to offer any guidance.

While we go on learning more and more about ourselves and our gem of an existence, our leaders (and here I’m pointing at the United States collectively and individually) fiddle with a creaky system that in no way can handle all this. The U.S. experiment, not to forget international existence, will be tested in ways not dreamt of by founders.

It’s troubling, and exciting, at the same time. I know that neither pie-in-the-sky-by-and-byers nor we’re-all-gonna dieers will be able to address the challenge. It’s us in-the-middles who will carry the day, either for good or for ill.