If memory serves…

Artists, make sure you have a photo print, an audio recording, a CD or DVD, of your creation. A digital copy will not last the test of time.

Patrick Somerville, show runner of that marvelous, scary series “Station Eleven,” knows the fickleness of financing and digital media. I had to chuckle at one of Somerville’s ruminations.

”If Station Eleven ever disappears,” he tweeted late in 2022, “I promise to purchase one acre of land somewhere in the Mojave desert and just play it on loop, projected on a rock, forever.”

The series reprises the 2014 book with the same name by Emily St. John Mandel. So, even if the series gets lost in the ether, molders away on some unsupported form of storage or fizzles when the electricity is cut off from a storage site,, the book is still there.

That book is worth placing near the top of your reading lists.

The story? After a pandemic wipes out almost everyone on the globe, readers are dropped into a tale of a wandering troupe of actors who must scavenge and be ready to kill to stay alive to perform their interpretations of Shakespeare. The troupe also strives to keep musical performances alive. The author explores the costs of the loss of the society, the people we so treasure and the artifacts that society creates.

It’s a good read. It takes a well-worn literary scenario in a different direction. Beyond that, contemplating the world of that novel, a reader will grapple with the thorny issues of what is worth preserving in the event of a catastrophe.

That line of thought is well worth exploring.


One thought on “If memory serves…

  1. That’s one reason I stick with real books and CDs — with a CD player. I suppose it’s a little (1) old-fogey-ish or (2) over the top and just slightly paranoid, but there we are. Making hard copies of best blog entries isn’t a bad idea, either. I’ve had the experience of WordPress going down, and both posts and drafts disappearing.

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