Slow change

Its foundation has lost more teeth,
historic bricks gone missing,
spotted in fall inspection.
An old farmhands home
now surrounded by a growing town,
even with a north facelift,
settles in soil first deposited
by glacier and sea,
cold, wind and rain.

Three old evergreens
planted by the builders,
once towering and holding
mourning doves, jays and climbing kids
have been lost to blight.
Bushes and trees planted
according to gardening charts
transformed a spacious lawn
into a pocket park.

Children, now not our own
now delight in dodging
evergreens and ornamentals.
Bird life scatters when raptors fly by.
(Once monarchs animated young maples
and an opossum scavenged for apples.)

Squirrels and rabbits leave tracks
(still hoping for deer)
while a wood stoves ticks and radiates
in another winter of decades in place
warming a home growing old.


2 thoughts on “Slow change

  1. This is just lovely. I almost always prefer aged, slightly crumbling, and time-worn to the antiseptic new. Change can be good, but some changes are better than others.

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