Kicking back, a Friday-night rarity

For a Friday evening, it’s a rarity to not have an assignment to photograph a football game.
So, a little yard work in a long-neglected lawn and leaf-shedding trees was invigorating.
Our annual mouse harvest in our home’s interior is complete. Every year we trap two or more before finding the holes around our foundation.
Climbed on the roof just before October got under way to brush the leavings from last year’s heating season from our wood-stove chimney.
While waiting for the nearest stove dealer to find their way to our home (90-plus miles) for a service, impatient me went to work.
Chimney soot clustered on top of stove firebrick needed to be cleared away. Cleaned the glass of the stove door. It fairly sparkled.
Then, today, an overcast sky, a cold northwest wind and temps in the lower 40s prompted the first fire.
So, tonight, it’s a delight to stare into the stove and savor a little time to myself.


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