I lay no claim to being a geologist. However, I am impressed by evidence of the massive forces behind the movements of the earth’s plates and the study of those plates. Periodically, too, there is evidence that tremendous pressures are involved as land is formed and shaped.

On a short hike around Horseshoe Lake in Denali National Park, I had to capture a few images. I don’t know how these formations came to be along a sheer drop-off, but they are hard to ignore.

To get to the little jewel of the lake, you descend a relatively steep trail to the level hike. (The fun part is hiking back up after a serene stroll around the lake.)

The eroded drop-off offers a number of views of curved and twisted rock formation. I would have loved to have a local geologist wax eloquent about what I was seeing. Safe to say, when rocks curve, chances are there are some awesome forces at work.

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