Fifty days on the road: Nine

  • Overheard a child while hiking responding to a parent’s caution: “But if I watch my step, I get dizzy!”

Granite Creek Campground in the Bridger-Teton National Forest:

  • In the mountains, there are few straight lines from Point A to Point B. It was a good reminder for this plains person. Often, travel involves gravel roads. The trip to the camp was worth every crappy section of gravel road. We were smack dab in the middle of a national forest, complete with nearby waterfall and several hot springs seepages.
  • The falls may be hidden, but you can hear the tumble.
  • Once the initial shock wears off, a cold shower is a wonderful thing.
  • Cell reception at Inspiration Point is excellent, but you have to sweat to get there. Apparently, somewhere along the line, I lost a passel of tweets I’d been saving before encountering a cell signal. Most likely my not-so-nimble thumbs were the culprit.
  • It was a great Sunday at Granite Creek. A mule deer doe wandered into our camp site, the sight quieting our breakfast discussion.
  • Then it was off to a hot-spring pool just below the falls, alternately soaking up the heat of volcanically-heated water, then cooling toes in the cold, cold stream.
  • A hike while in the national forest took us along Flat Creek Cutoff Trail a half hour into Gross Ventre Wilderness Area. Picked up the trail above the hot springs swimming pool.
    (Yep. it’s a concrete pool that fills from the hot springs each morning and is drained each evening. There is a charge to soak for an hour. We cheaped out finding one of the hot-spring pools below the falls.)
    Wandered pretty much northward above Granite Creek, crossing a largish stream stream feeding Granite Creek, a series of mountain meadows, a smaller stream and a large meadow before segueing into the wilderness area. Crossed a dry creek and another meadow and a small stream before turning back by a pair of boulders flanking the trail.
    A runner passed us going and coming, and we encountered six other hikers, two dogs (illegally) accompanying one of the trios.
    Such is the stuff of hiking.

Photo by Janine

2 thoughts on “Fifty days on the road: Nine

  1. I’m afraid I left a false impression there. While there were plenty of people able to tweet and walk at the same time, I’m not one of them. I was in the habit of preparing tweets for a time in which I could actually get a signal. Inspiration Point at Jenny Lake was one of those rare moments. Apparently, there was line of sight for a nearby (???) cell tower, so I was able to send away e-mail, tweets, etc., only to discover that I couldn’t find a number of earlier, saved (i thought) odd thoughts.

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