Fifty days on the road: Eight

Looking back on a morning hike in a wooded campground:

Mornings stream early
Into mountain meadow,
Each grass, flower, shrub and tree
Collecting its own.
Ponderosas glow low gold
And stand over all.

Traveling in Wyoming, I was able to put a place to the political intrigue during President Warren G. Harding’s term. The Teapot Dome Scandal centered around the oil reserve marked by Teapot Rock. Well, we saw Teapot Rock as we drove through the area (sans handle, though)
Also hiked the Cottonwood Dinosaur trail, treading on who knows how many clam fossils. The area is literally littered with fossils, including an ammonite or two, hence the signs to stay on the trail and to leave the prehistoric remains where they are.
The area is the site of a discovery of a fossilized camarasaurus skeleton by a class of fifth graders.
Imagine: “Hey, teacher! What’s that sticking out of the hill?”

Camping near Alcova, at Metrona County Campground, we were treated to a dawn glowing through out tent net.
Also, you know how a bottle hoots when you blow across the top? The campground also featured a pit toilet with an open stack that emitted a soft baritone hum in the wind.
We were well synchronized breaking camp. I guess we were energized by the prospect of finding a more forested spot.

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