Fifty days on the road: Six

Thoughts while traveling in South Dakota:
• Woke up to Sheridan Lake stippled with a soft, short rain. In the shelter of the pines of the campground in Black Hills National Forest, there was an occasional drop on tent top.
• With the Sturgis motorcycle rally approaching, it was quite a contrast: burbling streams and blatting motorcycles.
• It’s been a decade (or more) since I have set foot inside a Walmart store. That was interrupted by a visit to try to find camping supplies. What we were looking for wasn’t stocked. Go figure.
• Has anyone come up with a taxonomy of watercraft? The variety on the the lake was astonishing.
• When hiking in unfamiliar territory, it’s not a “shortcut.” It’s “another path.”
• An impressive afternoon thunderstorm rolled through, complete with announcing thunder, darkening skies, fierce lightning, buckets of rain and wind gusts that made the tent dance. Stayed dry!
• A nearby lightning strike ignited a spot of dry forest. It was a two-bucket firefighting effort, two dips into Sheridan Lake with a large bucket, dipping a sizable amount of water. Two drops apparently took care of the fire threat.
• Before leaving the lake, we raised a toast to Site 69, where we spent a number of great days. The elixir of choice was Prairie Berry crabapple wine, a local brew. The Red Ass rhubarb wine waited for another occasion.

One thought on “Fifty days on the road: Six

  1. Rhubarb wine! A staple of my Iowa upbringing. My favorite line here is When hiking in unfamiliar territory, it’s not a “shortcut.” It’s “another path.” Isn’t that just the truth.

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