I alone am the answer
I alone will make wrongs right
But in order to root out the cancer
It’s got to be kept from the sight


An operant word here is “sly.” Woven into the Decembrists’ tunes (They hail from Portland) are deep-seated longings, occasionally including outright comments on the state of the union and (if I may be so bold as to suggest) offering encouragement to keep on resisting forces that would erode the voices of freedom.

Here’s Starwatcher, from which I’ve included the lyrics at the start of this blog.

Here’s the video for Severed, which puts the song in an immediate context.

Thanks to blogger Brenton Dickieson, I’ve scored the young-adult Wildwood trilogy authored by Decembrists’ lead singer Colin Meloy. His storytelling ability is on par with his songwriting.

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