Rolling Thunder

Carve out time to watch Martin Scorsese’ Rolling Thunder Revue. It’s on Netflix. It’s remarkable.

Its’a tour de force which combines Dylan’s puckish humor and Scorsese’s remarkable ability to craft a story.

Dylan and Scorsese wrap the film in concert footage, a fictional narrative, delighting in tying together a myriad of references. It leaves viewers breathless, at times.

By far, the best bits are the cuts from the band that formed the Rolling Thunder Revue. Those cuts are ferocious. Dylan pops to the foreground, all teeth, terrifying with his images and poetry.

Isis and A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall will never be the same. And those cuts are at the film’s start. It rolls on from there.

It’s fact, fiction, dreams, nightmares, scenes, lyrics and music.

I’ll be watching it a number of times. It’s that good. That’s the film’s underlying attraction. It’s sheer, unadulterated, loud song, story and poetry.

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