The enemy is us

News and magazine story writers, editors and political wonks jockeying for bragging rights in the climate change issue are the equivalent of Neros fiddling while the planet burns.

The massive New York Times Magazine story elicited a number of learned reactions calling attention to a number of misrepresentations:
And, that’s just a quick sample.
There are good points made all around about accuracy, bias, conclusions, etc., but what strikes me about this debate is the lack of resolve.
I’ll clearly reveal my bias here, so there is no doubt where I think we have to start to rebuild a healthy planet: locally.
Here’s a series of resources from a group towards whose thinking I gravitate. Another resource is The Land Institute.
We need a conductor, for Pete’s sake, to get all those fiddlers to think about orchestrating, to get our human civilization thinking about the damage we’re doing to ourselves. It’s a small comfort that our globe will keep on spinning and that our damage can be repaired in geologic time. We won’t be around to witness it.

2 thoughts on “The enemy is us

  1. I read that NY Times Mag story, and had some problems with it, but couldn’t pinpoint exactly what it was. A skim of a couple of those linked articles was helpful. I’ll read them all, but it will take some time.

    I’d forgotten Schumacher. I read Small Is Beautiful years and years ago, and paid essentially no attention to it. Time for a re-read. And Wendell Berry’s a little out there in some ways, but always worth reading.

    In other news: Why not go back to the Middle Ages? Yea, Italy. If we can’t wrap our minds around why vaccines are good…..

    1. Ah, yes, Small Is Beautiful. That was a long-ago read for me, too. Wendell Berry is a wonder, head-scratching at times, but a solid thinker. A subscription page came up when I clicked on the link. If you fire back the title of the story, I can find it on the web.

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