Renewing acquaintances, part four

The musical our quartet was able to witness deserves mention in a separate entry. It’s that good. (And, I can see our Orange City thespians presenting it in a future Tulip Festival night show).

Come From Away celebrates the confusions of 7,000 air travelers forced from the skies by the events of 9/11 at a once-bustling airfield in a small town in Newfoundland. The deplaned travelers and just-as-confused townsfolk had to adjust, and the music, dialogue, comedy and pathos did a remarkable job of making it memorable.

Oh, and a packed house of New Yorkers didn’t hurt, either. That was a huge part of an unforgettable evening. The events of 9/11 weren’t far from their minds, and the packed house responded in all the right ways. The cast was obviously having a ball, and the encore was something to behold as the musicians stormed the stage to hoots of delight from the crowd.

The opening number “Welcome to the Rock” sets the scene perfectly. We were able to see this cast when we saw it in theater. Click here and then make plans to see it some time.


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