Renewing acquaintances, part three

Our two-day, 1,000-mile outbound drive ended in Glen Rock, New Jersey (via Ohio and Pennsylvania), where a former editor of my weekly and his wife have retired.

With that couple, we walked approximately 10 miles in New York City after a ferry ride into the city.


The memorial near the base of the Freedom Tower is a fundamental, sobering reminder of the perfidy of 2011 but a testament to the vitality of a city determined not to succumb to the evil of that day.


The memorial was so large in a space so confined, I could not get an adequate image. However, one could look up and see the new tower, complete with window washers.


We walked the The High Line, a park built on a freight rail line above the streets on Manhattan’s West Side. Lush vegetation and sculptures were everywhere..


A stop at the New York City Public Library was (of course) included in our tour.


I almost wish blimps could anchor on the Empire State Building. But, then, a photo would be hard to come by from street level.

A nearby Cuban restaurant let our sweaty quartet enjoy their food, and the day ended with a visit to the theater.  More on that in the next entry.


2 thoughts on “Renewing acquaintances, part three

  1. With an aunt who lived for years on West 16th, and friends in Morningside Heights up by Columbia, I had the pleasure of spending plenty of time in NYC — for a while, I even had the pleasure of going there on business. But that’s been many years ago, and there’s no question the city has changed. One thing I’d love to see that wasn’t there when I was is the High Line. It sounds like such a great place — a perfect reworking of an otherwise unused space.

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