Renewing acquaintances, part two

Thanks to Janine’s navigation on our summer trip (I drove for all but 15 minutes in our two weeks away) we lived to tell the tale, in her case a 5,000-plus word diary (not counting jots in a dinky notebook, written when I wasn’t scaring her spitless with ill-advised lane changes). I’ll inflict an episode or two on you in the next few entries.

One of the three nights we didn’t spend with friends and family was the first one. Our Dodge Journey trundled onto a ferry at Marblehead, Ohio, for a quick trip to Kelleys Island on Lake Erie, the northern-most U.S. island to the southern-most Canadian island. (International phone charges could apply, if you weren’t careful.) We could see the tip of Ontario from there.

Before turning in at our bed-and-breakfast, we took a 12-mile ride around the island, stopping at a nature  preserve on the pretty-much-rocky island and stopping at another site which protects an impressive set of glacial grooves.


Glaciers may creep by but they ground large boulders against the rock below, creating  some pretty impressive grooves.

We watched the sun dip into the horizon from a rocky spit and chowed down on lobster chowder and fish tacos.


Another thing I notice, this related to (I think) the sensor in my phone. As the sun set and I took image after image, it appeared the orb was higher on the horizon in the image than in my eye. Interesting. I think the sensor captures a different set of light rays than my eye. I’d be interested in an explanation.

More on the trip in the next entry.


2 thoughts on “Renewing acquaintances, part two

  1. I’ve never seen those glacial grooves. In fact, I didn’t know they exist. They’re impressive, that’s for sure.

    One of my own earliest vacation memories involves riding a horse-drawn ferry across the Ohio River from Illinois to Kentucky. It would have been the early 1950s, and the ferry took only one car. My parents’ best friends lived in Clay, Kentucky, and we went about every other year to visit. I have a photo of my earliest visit — I couldn’t have been more than a few months old, and Mom is holding me while her friend tries to corral her three kids.

    1. That’s a great memory. What sticks in my mind of early vacations is scrambling around in the back of a Rambler station wagon, coloring lots of pictures as we journeyed from New Mexico to South Dakota and playing “don’t cross this line it’s my territory,” me and my siblings driving our parents nuts.

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