Renewing acquaintances, part one

Two weeks, 3,000-plus miles, lots of hospitality and a bunch of photos mark the latest road trip for my wife and I, empty nesters. We renewed acquaintances (fervently hoping we didn’t burn any bridges) by bumming off of friends and family (the conversations and meals were wonderful!) and got a chance to see a small portion of the eastern part of the U.S.A.

A car-intensive trip was something we hadn’t done in a long while, so it was almost a novelty for us again. No kids were along. We didn’t fly over any states; we drove through them. Our carbon footprint grew larger as a result, but, now that we’re home, we’re hoping to to mitigate that by bicycling as much as we can.

Check back often. I’ll be putting up tidbits about the trip that you might find interesting.


3 thoughts on “Renewing acquaintances, part one

  1. Being a great fan of road trips, I’m happy for you being able to take off like that, and happy to see you back. I’m looking forward to seeing where you’ve been, too. Down here, enough water’s drained away that we can get from one side of Houston to the other — it’s as exciting as a cross-country trip!

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