Homage to the blues

Type in any search box “the blues” and you’ll be rewarded with example after example of example of one of mankind and womankind’s greatest cultural legacies.

I tapped into that today after basking in the blues of just-departed Greg Allman. He ain’t never coming back, went the way of all human beings, but thank God, his full-throated visceral roars have been preserved… and the plaintive B3, the slow, then full-throttle rhythms, the thrilling twin-guitar leads.

Allman’s death, his and the band’s story, reading about the deaths of minority youths and elders in acts of violence, the solemnity of Memorial Day sermons and observances are all coming together in a patchwork of the blues.

So many people in the service of our country and other countries have died, bloodied on battlefields, soon or long after after being wounded. Young and old, caught in the crossfire of misunderstandings of human beings with the same DNA code, have died at gunpoint or in circumstances they did not deserve. Artists have died, some more famous than others, all after following their ideas, their muses and creating.

We’ve got much for legacies from all these folks, but chief among them are the blues.

Allman Brothers: Dreams


One thought on “Homage to the blues

  1. I’ve been here at least four times, and every time I’ve run off to somewhere else: to read about Greg Allman, to take another look at recent murder stats, whatever. But speaking of DNA, I finally landed on this video of a thirteen year old Derek Trucks, and I don’t have the blues any more.

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