A late snow

Friday’s sheet of snow,

tightly furled around the yard,

is now rumpled

as a muscular sun

pours its rays.

Blizzard pieces drop like rain

from frosted evergreens

Busy squirrels dimple,

intent on trails between trees

while hungry ferals stalk.


2 thoughts on “A late snow

  1. I really enjoyed the image of “rumpled snow.” That’s so perfectly descriptive of (for example) that slow slide down the garage roof.

    I do have a serious question. You titled this “A Late Snow,” but it’s just the end of February. When I was still officially an Iowan, the Boy’s Basketball Tournament Blizzard was a thing. Everyone knew it would happen, and most of the time it did. Maybe the blizzard’s no longer a thing. Maybe the tournament’s no longer a thing. But, gosh — some of those late snows could really be something.

    I still remember the year we had Easter tulips up to their necks in snow.

  2. We still joke about Mama Nature throwing fits for both girls’ and boys’ basketball tournaments. This year, though, we were so spoiled by a week’s gorgeous weather that we were fooled, yet again, the we might have an early spring. I’m trying to remember the last time we had tulips surrounded by snow. The last few years, it’s been worrying that we’ll be having a “stem fest” rather than a Tulip Festival. It’s enough to drive the faux-Dutch crazy.

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