No greater love

Cantus presented a wonderful a capella concert at our little college in Orange City last night. In a chapel with great acoustics, the eight singers presented pitch-perfect, emotional pieces that touched the range of sacrifices by people in the armed services. It wasn’t sugar-coated, either. It was honest, gut-wrenching at times. Too, a few of the numbers made me smile and the audience chuckle.

The group presents a song a month on Soundcloud, the latest “Wondrous Love.” It gives a taste of how the group blends. If you click on this link, you may get something else. They post new songs regularly. The clip of their “No Greater Love” tour presents the event well.

One comment from one member of the group (I was so enthralled I didn’t note the individual. Sorry.) sticks with me. I paraphrase: What would our country be like if we all adopted the brotherhood, the desire to serve, the leadership exhibited, the camaraderie of those who invested part of their lives in the armed forces? The comment might have overstated, to some degree, but the kernel of that thought has stuck with me in an uncertain time.

Then, too, I’m in a group studying Galatians and Paul’s missive to the Galatian believers. Christ’s love is sufficient, even the pinnacle of what can be accomplished. As the Cantus concert and “Wondrous Love” clip hints, this idea still lives.


One thought on “No greater love

  1. What wonderful music. I’m not sure how I’ve missed knowing about this group, but I’m glad to know about them now. Their version of “Simple Gifts” is lovely, too. I did have to laugh at the comments appended to the video, though. Apparently everything, including musical arrangements, is grist for the argument mill these days.

    It tickled me to learn that they had their beginnings at St. Olaf. I hope it’s still the bastion of common sense, excellence, curiosity, and creativity that it used to be.

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