There’s something about snow

I got the bit between my teeth this afternoon. I’ll be sore tomorrow, but for today, the pleasure of throwing snow around levered me from my keyboard and monitor.

One of my neighbors has a snowblower. He’s not exactly in the best of health, but he enjoys pointing that beast at any expanse of snow, drift or snowplow trail. And,  the John Henry side of myself thought, “I can keep pace with that.”

So, my next-door neighbor to the west and I tackled my driveway and sidewalk, then moved on to my neighbor to the east, not exactly locked in combat, as per  the old folklore, but still pitting machine versus plastic shovel.

Before we knew it, the sidewalk, front walk, driveway and compact car were cleared of snow. Had the sidewalk continued to the west, we might still be working our way down the block, one person pushing a snorting whirligig, the other flinging small amounts of snow in the general direction of the snowplow trail.

It’s a good thing, or I might have contracted an injury.

• • •

The new CIA chief is a dangerous man, according to a friend of mine with extensive experience in the Muslim world. Mike Pompeo has gained a reputation as a spokesperson for the idea that Islam is antithetical to Christianity. Now, he’s a position to seriously damage relationships between the two religious experiences.

In an atmosphere that’s tinder dry already, all we need is someone who could let preconceived notions affect judgement. And this person is head of the CIA. The tinder just gets drier. I hope the rank and file can keep him under control.



One thought on “There’s something about snow

  1. I loved your snow photos, and I still can hear the scritch of shovels on concrete. I’d not mind one more blizzard in my life, particularly if I had a fireplace, hot chocolate, no power problems, and some good books. If I got a full moon and clear skies after the snow stopped, so I could go out and walk in it, that would be lagniappe.

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