Not for one minute do I believe that there is sufficient backbone in our nation’s capital to present an alternative to President Donald Trump. The call of money and power is too great.

Those who see the new President as a force for good will try to hook up their wagons to his star. Washington, D.C., will become awash in sycophants.

Those who see the new President as a force for evil will waste their time with ineffectual protests while Donald Trump just grins and utters the mantra, “Any publicity is good publicity.”

Those who don’t have the foresight to see any dangers of either extreme might as well go bury their heads in the sand. History will just wash over them as those with the power and money just steamroll right over them.

Our new President is neither good nor evil. He’s finding himself in an area of governance in which he has no experience.

Ladies and gentleman, we have a President with the political skills of a toddler. Oh, he knows the art of the deal. Push, push, push and accept something less than the extremes first proposed. That’s a fine agenda for pushing one’s agenda forward or for advancing the cause of the few that have joined the merry band. But, it’s no way to lead a country.

I really have no clue as to the best strategy to combat that. But, I am busy tuning up my bullshit detector. It isn’t enough, I know. But it’s a start.


One thought on “Hmph!

  1. Thanks for this post. I hadn’t been able to figure out how to address the Inauguration, etc., but after reading what you wrote, I got a clue. Sometimes, a start is good enough. (PS: Carl Sandburg’s always good, when it comes to America.)

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