What a day…

Just a moment ago, the stubby branch seven feet or so from the ground on the trunk of a century-old evergreen just feet from one of our windows, was occupied by a red squirrel, nervously enjoying some sun rays but keeping a sharp eye out for just pesky Cooper’s Hawks lurking in the neighborhood. And, my mutt isn’t even at that window working herself into a state at the audacity of the critter to be visible.

Well, if I had a squirrel’s tail and two outward-facing eyes, I’d be in a similar state.

I, too, basked a bit in the sun’s rays, when the sun cleared an occasionally-cloudy sky. But, I’m on edge.

It’s a rare Thursday off for me, thanks to my first colonoscopy. (Family doc has been pestering me for years to get one done. He’s seen too many of his patients succumb to cancer of the colon in this neck of the northwest Iowa once-prairie.)

All clear, as I suspected it would be. High fiber is a fact of life in our empty-nest household. But, I’m told I’m under the influence for 24 hours and should take it easy.

Fine. I’m doing it.

But. Away from my community news routine, I spend too much time skimming the state and national scene. Hence my identification with that nervous red squirrel.

Our governor will hie off to China as an ambassador. That’s not all bad. He’s been in office too long, anyway. But, I’m reminded that our legislators are either one party or the other, and that makes my tail twitch. Local politics is non-partisan. Our school-board, city council, county supervisor, hospital board members are too close to their constituencies to surrender to the cockamamie partisanship that sprouts at the state and national level.

Iowa is not seeing revenue surpluses these days, so the party in power is hauling out all the scare tactics it can to justify cuts that align with their particular party ideology. It’s all the familiar Republican targets. (If Democrats were in power, it would be the same, though, possibly, with different targets.)

Think they will approach the electorate with ideas for balancing the state budget? Nope. They’ll just forge ahead, keeping their eyes peeled for ways to get themselves or others of the same party’s ilk reelected or elected.

Makes my tail twitch.

Then, there’s the specter of the incoming president. I made the mistake of paying attention to his latest press conference.

Between the performances of the transition team, the president-elect, the staffers and the national press present, it’s got me feeling like on a branch stub with nothing but ground and a big trunk nearby and several hawks patrolling the neighborhood.

I’d have to be on medication to attend a circus like that, or pay admission at the door to take part a three-ring circus like that.

And, it seems our Congress is working in the dead of night to avoid harsh daylight. Our president-elect is tweeting insults in the wee hours of the morning. I thought vampires were myths!

If you haven’t guessed, I’m identifying with my squirrel buddy.

And, it’s supposed to get below zero in the next day or two.

It’s enough to make me want to hibernate (which doesn’t fit the squirrel analogy, at all).

Oh dear, I’ve an ursine image forming. I’m going to go soak my head. Friday isn’t coming soon enough.


3 thoughts on “What a day…

    1. Delightful. BBC does such a good job with their nature films, with mostly every film that I’ve paid attention to. My ursine image has been transformed into Russian disco. Now, an image of Putin as John Travolta is actually got me grinning, especially with a big, ol’ pine tree at his back.

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