Weather ahead!

Media accentuates the possibility of storms, maybe overly so.

According to reports, we’re in for a snowy Friday here in northwest Iowa. Brightly colored weather maps, in motion, paint a dire picture for those of us who aren’t ready for winter, November or not, or paint a rosy picture for those of us who are good and ready for the cold and white stuff.

Weather is apparently a big deal here.


2 thoughts on “Weather ahead!

  1. Do you folks still roll out the snow fence? That’s one of my primary late fall memories of Iowa — pheasants, harvested corn fields, and rolled-up bundles of snow fence waiting to be installed. As i recall, the stuff worked, too. Well, at least sort of.

    Gosh, we had some good winters. It never, ever lost its appeal for me. I’m not inclined to move back to cold-and-snow, but if snow comes to visit the Gulf coast again (as it does occasionally) I won’t complain.

    1. Road crews still install snow fences on the north side of east-and-west ditches, back far enough that the drift formed won’t block the road. Some farmers leave standing rows of corn to serve as both snow fences and habitat for wildlife.

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