Such is the power of dreams

Picking up a few fallen apples as the tree in our back yard gives up its last few, I paused and marveled at the fall. Back inside, Janine asked if I had mowed away the tall weeks on the north edge of our lot. I responded I had, earlier in the summer.

After she made a comment about not getting to the north side of our lot as much as she’d like, that was that. I thought nothing of it.

Then, that night, I dreamed of tall weeds on the north edge of the lawn.

The dream was so real I went out the next morning, almost expecting to see the old weed fronds, but, naturally, they weren’t there.

Dreams are spooky when they are so real.


One thought on “Such is the power of dreams

  1. I once dreamed a conversation with a friend who had died of cancer, several years before the dream. I keep thinking I should write about it, but I haven’t quite found a way to do it. Suffice it to say, at the end of the dream, when my friend said, “Well, I gotta go,” I woke up, and it was as though all my grief was just gone. It was really weird.

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