Quiet yard, busy mind

Lawnmower’s not going in my yard, despite temperatures in the 70s. I’m tempted, but there’s too much dew on my high grass. Plus, my motivation level is waning with the summer. I’m hoping a whole mess of monarch butterflies populate a tree in our neighborhood during the migratory season. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen a tree move in dead calm, thousands of pairs of wings fluttering in no breeze at all. This comes to mind upon hearing that spraying to kill mosquitoes that may be carrying Zika has killed thousands of bees as well.



One thought on “Quiet yard, busy mind

  1. I read about that South Carolina incident, too. The first thing I did was call our county’s mosquito control people whom I knew to be planning aerial spraying. They are using Naled, too, but have quite a different system than the town that wreaked havoc.

    In our county, there is a list of “special needs” people, such as beekeepers, farmers, and so on. Those people are contacted personally and by email before any spraying takes place, so that protective measures can be taken. It’s a far better system than relying on Facebook postings and a newspaper announcement. There are people (like me) who don’t read local papers, and who aren’t on Facebook.

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