Bicycle tip, October 31

Kickstands are ubiquitous… and are the mechanic’s friend.

Bicycles never seem to tip towards the kickstand. They tend to tip away, towards the drivetrain… bent derailleur, which screws up shifting.

Worse yet, cheap bicycle parts on the handlebars contact the earth or pavement when a bike tips… broken grip shifter or brake handle.

I’m of the opinion that kickstands are not necessary. I regularly council their removal. You’re better off finding a secure post, tree or wall on which to lean the bike. Or, if you’re in an area where there are no klutzes, set the bike on its side, drivetrain up.

If you must have a kickstand, prop your bike so the wind doesn’t blow it over. Make sure its secure when you leave it.

I have plenty of replacement parts, but I tell folks a little care can forego a $20-$40 repair.


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