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  1. I have a recommendation for you. You may follow Jnana Hodson. Well, he wrote an e-book about a smallish town newspaper….and I absolutely love the book. It’s fiction, but I KNOW those people….I read the entire thing ON my tablet! (a first) and highly recommend it to others with a newspaper background. I think its called Hometown News. I got it on “Smashwords” or something like that….I’d better check. The entire thing takes place in a newsroom, with the usual suspects working there…

    1. I’ll put that on my reading list, already 10s of pages long. I’ve got to get through four books I’m reading now and a multitude of older periodicals that I can’t bear to recycle without reading first.

      1. good. This book was so relative to my own experiences that I actually felt as if I were actually in their newsroom interacting with personnel…editors, stringers, reporters, rival newspaper reporters, publishers, advertisers…and I sort of “know” the people. Every character reminded me on someone I once worked with back in the day. 🙂 This is the first e-book I have read just about as I would a real book.

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