Notes, rhythm, words and the combinations they afford enable, express, exude power that comes from a different place, a place deep in person’s souls. It enables in almost every situation. Listening this a.m. to a joyous folk piece sung by the Bulgarian Women’s Choir in a 1993 tour and the Xzibit and Eminem in a recording in 2000 spitting their discomfort with fame brought it home. Expression is power, and its contagious. It’s no wonder rulers seek to suppress it. Good luck with that.

Google the women’s choir. There are a number of selections in YouTube. Given the popularity of rap, you’ll have no trouble finding “Don’t Approach Me,” either. If you don’t feel a lift from the former and a lot of discomfort in the latter, you aren’t paying attention.

Oh, and here are a couple late video additions, one a half-hour of a battle for life, the other a short screed about the human race’s short-sightedness brought to my attention by a Facebook friend, each incredibly powerful.

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