Series put a human side to a struggle

The Middle East situation may seem intractable, and the conflict between the factions drags on with seemingly no end in sight. An eight-episode 2014 British television project puts people in the middle of it all. It is gripping television, one of the productions that will have a hand in boosting television’s profile.

“The Honorable Woman” is thrilling, addictive, and its characters developed marvelously in such a short time. The “good” and the “bad” are hard to suss out and its hard to predict where the story will go.

Hugo Blick is a gifted writer and director. Maggie Gyllenhaal and Lubna Azabal head up a marvelous cast. The production, even when it seems like it pauses, happens rapidly, and the story line has enough twists and turns to keep a viewer guessing.

It’s good television, and it’s a gripping story of idealism caught in the middle of realpolitik. And, when it’s all over, when you’ve reached its conclusion, it will unsettle you.


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