Passing it on…

A couple of things popped up on my Facebook feed today that I’m compelled to pass along, one relating to the practice of writing history, the other to a favorite group of mine, Soul Coughing.

Rebecca Koerselman teaches history at Northwestern College in my town, Orange City, Iowa, and her reflections on history and popular history are published here. Historians may be staid (not necessarily), but there is always those who write creatively about history.

And, tucked between Soul Asylum and Soul II Soul, right before my numberless collection of soundtracks are recordings by Soul Coughing, a group I’ve enjoyed for years, gritty, urban music. Now, it turns out, there’s a rock opera by that crew. It’s on my list of things to see.

Incidentally, the posts I mentioned, were each put up by historians. They are definitely not staid.


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