Lenten funk

“Society leans toward secrecy, toward hiding the less desirable parts of ourselves, but there is an incredible freedom in accepting the flaws and challenges that come from being human. Shaming those parts, or even politely declining to acknowledge them, is a misplaced attempt at perfection and uniformity. It brings no joy to deny the unique journey every person is on; in fact, it eats at the heart of the kind of power that brings a book like this to life.”

I ripped this quote from its context in a review of “Fun Home: A Family Tragicomedy” by Alison Bechdel in the blog “Books, j’adore.”

Guess the tone reflects my funk after reading the news of recent events and modern apologists who fail to see humans as fundamentally imperfect. And, the season of Lent is upon us to remind us that we can’t afford to see ourselves as anything more than much less than perfect.

So much good literature, so little time.

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