Smart spider

I’m constantly meeting daddy long-legs spiders in my shower. They’re more of a startle factor than a threat or a danger. Usually I spot one when the water shakes whatever portion of the web the spider is feeling and the critter moves.
Usually, after jumping a foot, then calming down because my higher-order thinking kicks in, I wonder about the plausibility of me grabbing a piece of tissue and gently herding the thing to parts less populated with crashing drops. That thought never lasts long, because I usually don’t have the time to herd spiders. I’m usually in the shower because I have to be somewhere relatively quickly and haven’t had the wit to step into the stall earlier for a leisurely wash.
Usually, though, the critter gets clobbered with a drop or two and drops to the drain to wash away.
Last a.m., though, I spotted a little large specimen with a little larger brain case. This one had the instincts to duck behind a portion of the shower not wetted to wait out the calamity.
This a.m., there it was again, perched high above the shower head, motionless, apparently not having built a web that got pelted with water.
That was a different experience for me. I didn’t have to watch this one get washed away. I was able to salute the little bugger on my out of the bathroom to get ready for work.
I wonder if that little thing will be there tomorrow morning…


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