We won’t be fooled again…

Winter in Northwest Iowa is often interrupted in January with a thaw. And, this year, it’s been delightful, temperatures reaching nearly 50 degrees on a couple of days, enough to entice hard-core golfers out to fire a few ball off the clubs.

That thaw interrupts a long and, for some, lonely month. Some of us look forward to it every year.

Now, though, it’s back to standard winter business. The temperature dropped throughout the day. There’s a steady, cold wind. Chances of snow are in the forecast.

We next turn to the mythical weather beast, the groundhog and his shadowy (shady) prediction for the rest of the winter.

Winter isn’t for the faint of heart.


One thought on “We won’t be fooled again…

  1. Very true! Winter isn’t for the faint of heart. Would love to be a weather man though, no matter how manumits they get it wrong they are never out of a job. But I guess guessing nature isn’t the easiest thing to do either.

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