One very small poem

I didn’t have a camera with me when I came upon a scene in the local coffee shop, so I attempted to capture it poetically (emphasis on “attempt”).

Tow head glowing

Cereal and sweets disappear

Soggy “o”s are arranged

She tries to wink at me

From table

While mom and dad

Lean on glass

Exchange ideas

Eat each others words

And rearrange

While the universe slowly winks.


3 thoughts on “One very small poem

  1. By George I think you captured it perfectly! I can just picture my daughter and her husband with their little Caleb doing this very thing. Your poem is quite simple and beautiful. Just think, you’d never have written it if you’d had a camera!

  2. Sometimes the best part of a memory is not the camera but the words that breathe life to what was seen and how you felt. Great post!

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