Shower thoughts

One of the joys of is discovering the odd “subreddits.”

“Shower thoughts” is one of my favorites. Folks muse on odd thoughts the break into the brain while doing the mundane things of life. What better place for thoughts to break in than the shower?

I was amazed at the sheer number of people that haunt I guess I shouldn’t have been. It’s another community, much like the instant group of folks that make up Blogging 101. The internet and digital communication makes it possible, and it boggles my mind.

As an editor of a local weekly, I’ve watched the downturn of folks moving from the old style of expression, the lowly printed word, to the new kid on the block. It’s exciting to see change, and the challenges mount for the older set.

I don’t think expression on the printed page is in any danger, though. Just as there is a pull to express oneself on the new media, there is still that pull to see one’s word in print, on a medium which you can physically handle. That sense of touch is a visceral part of the process of apprehending our world.

I’d encourage all those involved in Blogging 101 to express themselves in their local paper or equivalent thereof. Print out those excellent musings and submit. You’ll be surprised at how welcoming the gatekeepers of print will be.


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